Spectronics BIB-150P UV lamp

The new and improved high density self-ballasted Spectroline BIB-150P UV lamp is ideal for nondestructive testing, quality control, leak detection, UV curing and countless other industrial applications.

This hand-held inspection lamp offers super-high ultraviolet intensity at an affordable price. The previous metal housing has been replaced with a super-strong engineering polymer that is dent-proof, impact-resistant and withstands rugged use. In addition, a proprietary 150-watt Built-In-Ballast bulb eliminates the need for a heavy, bulky external transformer. A contoured handle stays cool and is ergonomically designed for better balance. It reduces hand fatigue and ensures comfortable use over long periods. An improved, crack-resistant filter reduces visible light (less than 2 foot-candles or 20 lux) while maximizing long wave UV irradiance. A heat guard/stand protects the user against burns and also serves as a handy lamp stand. A special Bulb-Saver minimizes bulb movement and reduces the chance of breakage during handling. 800.274.8888, www.spectroline.com

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