Skid-Steer Loader Attachments: McLaughlin M-4500

The M-4500 series hydraulic boring attachments are available in three distinct configurations: M-4500, M-4500SS and M4500MS.

The M-4500 attaches to the backfill bucket of any full size or mini-skid steer. The M-4500SS is attached to a mini-skid steer by means of a quick-attach plate, and the M-4500MS attaches to a full size skid steer in the same method. Powered by the hydraulics of the skid steer, the units are cable of producing tunnels up to 4 1/2-inch diameter using the dry compaction or slurry boring method of drilling. Speeds of 8 feet per minute and distances of 200 feet are possible depending on soil conditions. 800.435.9340,

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