Bobcat Introduces New Designs, Models

Though Bobcat Company officials are well aware the economy is struggling to recover from a world-wide recession, they recognized the need for continued product improvement to better position the company to meet industry needs as financial conditions strengthen.

At a special media event in Bismarck, ND, Bobcat formally introduced its new M-series of equipment which, Bobcat stresses, represents a complete rebuild, not just an enhancement.

As part of the redesign and launch of this extensive equipment upgrade, Bobcat is instituting a new numbering system for loaders and excavators, and as the full M Series line continues to be released, machines will adopt the new numbering system.

The new loader model numbers retain the letter designation, with the letter indicating the type of loader. The “S” is for skid steer loader and the “T” is for compact track loader. After the letter, the first number designates the loader’s frame size. The remaining numbers are an indicator of performance based on the loader’s weight, dimensions, horsepower and rated operating capacity. For example, a S630 is a skid steer loader and a T630 is a compact track loader. An S630 and S650 have similar frames sizes and horsepower, but the S650 has a higher weight and rated operating capacity because the S650 has a vertical lift arm path arrangement. The S630 is a radius lift arm path loader.

For excavators, the model number begins with “E,” which stands for excavator. The numbers now correspond to the excavator’s weight in metric tons in a whole number and a tenth. For example, the “32” in E32 is for 3.2 metric tons.

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