Seatek Co. VT-270 Vee-Twin

The VT-270 Vee-Twin is the simple, safe and fast way to strip cables from 5/16 to 2 1/8-inch O.D.

The unique design allows you to first ring-cut a cable. While keeping the VT-270 clamped on the cable the blade is retracted and swung 90 degrees and then re-inserted. Then pull the Vee-Twin along the cable to make a lengthwise cut and easily separate the cable’s jacket.

The Vee-Twin can be operated in tight spaces and its Double-vee cable support allows even curved cables to be stripped. The blade assembly is spring loaded permitting blade penetration to remain constant even with out of round and oval cables – blades are replaceable. Blade penetration is easily adjusted with a large dial showing penetration in thousands of an inch and includes a locking mechanism. 203.324.0067,

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