Remote Inspection Equipment: Radiodetection/SPX Corp.

The P350 flexitrax system supports three interchangeable, high-resolution cameras.

Each camera features ultra-bright white LEDs that ensure a clear picture and a long, maintenance-free life. The digital video is displayed on the command module’s ultra-bright, 8-inch industrial grade TFT screen. Use P350 flexitrax to zoom and rotate photos and record digital video live or in real-time. Mimic display controls pan and tilt.

The command module and drum have a weatherproof rating of IP53. The tough, yet light-weight controller provides a durable buffer between the elements and the survey data. The crawlers can operate fully submersed and are water resistant to depths of up to 300 feet. They are constructed from brass and stainless steel and are built with a single or twin 50-watt motor configuration. 877.247.3797,

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