Topcon Positioning Systems RL-VH4 Builder Laser Series

The RL-VH4 Builder Laser Series for use in interior and general construction incorporates GreenBeam technology, providing the most visible lasers on the market.

A red beam is optional. The RL-VH4 series includes new interior lasers – RL-VH4G2 (GreenBeam) and RL-VH4DR (red beam) and general construction (GC) lasers – RL-VH4DR GC (GreenBeam) and RL-VH4G2 GC (red beam). The interior series includes remote control, wall mounts and scanning targets. Using the interior lasers’ scan target, an operator can capture the beam and ‘stretch’ it to any length, up to 180-degrees. This creates a steady line of green laser light that is bright, stable and perfectly level.

Each standard RL-VH4 series package includes a hard shell carrying case, two magnetic ceiling/scan targets, heavy duty wall mount and rechargeable batteries. Optional LS-80B laser sensors designed to work with GreenBeam are also available for using the laser outside for longer-range elevation or alignment control. 925.245.8300,

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