Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR): Underground Imaging Technologies (UIT)

UIT’s proprietary multi-channel GPR system is a 14-channel, cart-based ground penetrating radar unit that is typically towed behind a vehicle during survey operations.

The GPR system consists of two banks of seven antennas each with a fixed spacing of 0.4 feet between each antenna module. Data acquired by each of the 14 channels is spaced at 0.08 feet in the direction of travel. The central frequency and approximate bandwidth of each GPR antenna element is 400 MHz, a combination that provides both good penetration and high resolution.

The system is capable of imaging a 5.12 feet wide data swath in a single pass. Multiple survey passes are typically performed to create a three-dimensional (3-D) data set covering the entire project area. The UIT system has the ability to accurately position data along arbitrary curvi-linear traverses and it generates a GPR data set that is sampled in a spatially uniform manner in all directions along the surveyed surface. 518.783.9848,

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