Tracking Systems: Walkover locators and wireline systems

Tracking Systems: Walkover locators and wireline systems.

Walkover Locators

Digital Control Inc.
The new DigiTrak F2 uses 3-dimensional field view directional locating system with a single button user interface and graphically driven menu. It operates at depths up to 85 feet with 0.1 percent sensitive pitch. An active display enables DCI’s exclusive look-ahead capability with target-in-the-box locating for Intuitive transmitter tracking. Includes basic locating capabilities of directional tracking and depth plus advanced features of Off-Trak locating and Target Steering to easily and accurately navigate the drill even when obstacles prevent tracking over the drill head. An enhanced Target Steering function on the menu allows the operator to place the receiver in front of the drill head, along the bore path, using a target on the remote display to steer.

The operator can view in real-time the distance and depth of the transmitter relative to the receiver. A real-time, bird’s-eye view provides operators with critical on-the-fly steering ability. A 4-channel radio enables multiple F2 locators to be in the same vicinity and work up to distances of 1,800 feet plus, making it suitable for maxi rigs. The system includes a handheld receiver, transmitter, remote display, battery charger, and rechargeable 12-hour lithium-ion batteries to power the receiver and remote display.

Ditch Witch
Ditch Witch announces the release of a new and improved system for locating ground-faults in direct-buried, unshielded power and communications cables. With the new Ditch Witch 980 fault system, industry contractors can locate faults—even those under snow or frozen ground—with unprecedented ease and accuracy. Minimal training is required to master operation of the 980 fault system, and its simplicity is complemented by an affordable price tag. The 980 fault system replaces (but is compatible with) the FT14/AF2 fault-locating system previously marketed by the company. 800.645.6481,

Radiodetection/SPX Corp.
Radiodetection’s itrack tracking and guidance system for horizontal directional drilling machines keeping a bore on track, on time and within budget. The system comprises an itrack Receiver, a DataView unit, one or more DataSonde and Radiodetection’s Borelog software. With a single operator and remote steering, there is no need to dig trenches and roads and rivers can be crossed without costly disturbance to daily traffic using the itrack. Remote steering LED display allows the drill head operator to see where the drill head is and to compensate to keep on track. Accuracy is assured – depth angle and heading are all displayed to the operator. 877.247.3797,

Wireline Systems

Underground Tools Inc.

Underground Tools’ new sonde housing showcases a ¾-inch thick access door on the sonde housing for superior protection of valuable electronics. The housing is as much as 33-percent thicker than comparable units and features a slightly larger body diameter for greater wear resistance and durability. The housing incorporates a 7-hole Vermeer pattern that is compatible with UTI pilot bits, including UTI Gold Series bits or Vermeer pilot bits. Custom adapters allow the housing to be used with all makes and models of drill rigs. 866.488.3478,

Sharewell’s new steering tool is a directional guidance system specifically designed for HDD applications that provides both directional survey information and annular pressure while drilling. The system operates with TruTracker to provide critical drilling information including: inclination; tool face; azimuth; position; temperature; and annular pressure. The system can be operated with or without the pressure sensor. When operating with pressure, a special pressure sub is required for the bottom hole assembly. The advantage of a steering tool that monitors the pressure of the annular area of the hole is if the pressure reading decreases, it could indicate a potential frac out; however if it increases, it could indicate a potential formation falling into the bore hole, possibly causing sticking of the assembly in the hole. Steering tool components include the probe, drillers console, interface, computer and printer. 800.637.6461,

Horizontal Technology
Horizontal Technology’s DataTraX guidance system was developed to protect the owners of the HDD installed line. The system is accurate and automates records with ease. DataTraX offers the protection of detailed documentation of lines drilled in position with the HDD industry’s most accurate guidance and tracking method. 888.556.5511,

Radius HDD Tools
The Radius “Lock & Load” sonde housing is designed to offer the protection of an end load sonde housing with the access of a side load unit. The patent pending window is smaller than the transmitter. It is engineered to withstand greater rotational torque, while reducing the “flexing” that causes other doors to fail and common side load housings to crack. The patent pending cavity design will allow for all wireless transmitter beacons from manufacturers such as SubSite, Radiodetection and Digital Control, including the DCI EXL 19-inch Deep sonde. All housings from the SLH-4500 and larger can also host various wireline transmitters. Along with the fluid-proof fittings, the wireline tool kit contains ratchets, sockets and extensions with a center hole for easy installation of sonde without the hassle of the tightening around the wireline. For contractors utilizing Geo-Nav & magnetic guidance such as the DCI-Eclipse SST system, Radius makes all size tooling available in a Non-Mag material. 800.892.9114,

INROCK is Vector Magnetics’ HDD Steering Tool Systems’ authorized distributor and HDD partner, providing Paratrack equipment sales, rental, service and support. The Paratrack Guidance System utilizes an all angle, high resolution system that provides the driller with single guide wire tracking (surface or underground tacking); magnetic filed tracking; parallel tracking (underground tracking of multiple parallel bores); intersections (tracking of 2 separate or multiple boreholes from varying directions); beacon tracking (wireless tracking); and pressure while drilling (measures annular and drill pipe pressures). 713.690.5600,

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