Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR): MALA Geoscience

The MALÅ Easy Locator finds non-metallic utilities and performs surveys for unknown buried objects and utilities.

The system includes an easy user interface with almost complete automation of settings whereby the operator provides minimal input to begin collecting data. The Easy Locator includes an integrated but modular control unit and monitor.

The control unit is mounted directly to the antenna (transducer) of choice and is powered internally. It is compatible with two antennas “mid” or “shallow” to cover most utility locate situations. The detachable control unit automatically detects the selected antenna and defaults to the appropriate data collection settings. Simply remove the handles with the monitor attached and collect data with either antenna.

Adjustable height of the wheels in combination with the option to pull the MALÅ Easy Locator backwards improves access to rough terrain and loose soils such as sand. It is available in nine different languages. 843.769.7397,

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