InfrastructureUSA jumpstarts community involvement in infrastructure is a new nonprofit web site focused on generating “Citizen Dialogue about Civil infrastructure.”

InfrastructureUSA is an online community focused on generating a dynamic national conversation about America’s deteriorating civil infrastructure. Roads, bridges, schools, mass transit, energy grids, water supplies, telecommunications networks and more, are just some of the critical issues for a quality of life.

Infra Views brings together interested citizens, expert infrastructure professionals, government officials and policy analysts, for discussion and debate on the nation’s infrastructure needs, the funding challenges they present, and the opportunities for innovation. The Infra Blog is where discussion about the nation’s infrastructure is held. Cast your vote in Infra Polls, an on-going national sampling of public opinion.

Show Us Your Infra offers the opportunity to share stills, video and stories about local and national infra issues. Original Infra Films, national public opinion research and contests are in the works. 212.414.9220,

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