Industrial Magnetics Septic Lid Lift Accessory

The Septic Lid Lift Accessory (MCLLEG) is an adaptor to Industrial Magnetics’ Manhole Cover Lift Dolly.

The MCLLEG adapter allows the operator to easily and ergonomically raise and maneuver up to a 400-pound septic lid cover, reducing the chance for operator injury. The MCLLEG is comprised of an easy to turn manual worm gear winch and a long lifting strap with a hook on a stabilizing leg that attaches to a dolly. The dolly system has a retractable handle with three angle positions of 90, 105 and 120 degree, allowing the operator to choose their own optimal lifting angle. Constructed of lightweight, corrosion resistant materials and heavy duty wheels for stability, the MCLLEG is also collapsible for compact storage and portability. 231.348.5730,

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