McElroy DynaMc Auto 250 and 412

The new DynaMc Auto 250 and 412 fusion machines are capable of fusing HDPE pipe sizes from 63mm to 340mm.

The DynaMc Auto 250 can fuse high-density polyethylene pipes sized from 63mm to 250mm, while the Auto 412 fuses pipe from 110mm to 340mm. The Auto units are comprised of five components — control unit, facer, heater, power unit and jaw carriage — that work in unison to operate within the automated fusion specifications set forth by UK gas industry specification PL2-3:2006 and UK water industry specification 4-32-08.

The DynaMc Autos feature a control unit with USB port for downloading reports; a bright, back-lit screen that guides the operator step-by-step through the fusion process; and the facer is hydraulically powered, with multiple blades for an efficient trimming process. A power unit maximizes the potential from a single 30-amp outlet on a generator to operate all five components. The automated heater sits in the jaw carriage and employs ISO-compliant Teflon-coated heater plates to melt the pipe ends for the future joint. At the appropriate time, the jaw motion triggers the heater to retract so the pipe ends can come together quickly. 918.831.9286,

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