New Abrasion Resistant Outer Coating For Pipes

Denso North America has introduced Protal ARO (Abrasion Resistant Outercoating), the newest coating product from the leaders in corrosion prevention and sealing technology.

Protal ARO was developed to protect FBE mainline pipe during directional drilling applications, including road bores, river crossings and other rough terrain applications. Protal ARO is a VOC‐free, 100 percent solids epoxy coating specially formulated to be applied over FBE as an abrasion resistant overlay coating. It is a high-build liquid epoxy coating that can be applied in one coat either in the field or shop by brush, roller or plural spray. It has a 3:1 ratio that is compatible with most plural component spray units.

“In addition to the superior protection that Protal ARO provides, it has a high temperature rating up to 150 degrees F, it’s also safe and environmentally friendly,” said Jeff Baker, regional manager for Denso NA. “Now pipeline companies, pipeline contractors and pipe coating plants have another option for additional abrasion protection for their FBE coated pipe.” 281-821-3355,

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