Cable Laying Equipment: AD Technologies TM 300

The Tension Master TM 300 Series Pulling System is designed for placement of fiber or coaxial cables installations that require precise control of cable pulling tensions and hauling speeds, while maintaining a safe bend radius of the cable.

The winch is equipped with an adjustable hydraulic bypass relief to ensure that the maximum pull tension on the cable is not exceeded. Although the winch is typically set to 600 pounds using a 40-inch capstan, it can be adjusted up to a maximum of 2,000 pounds, such as when using a 9-inch capstan to pull copper cables or duct products. The winch is designed to be portable and will easily adapt to a wide range of hydraulic power sources. It can be used as an end puller or mid-assist unit for underground or aerial applications.

The hydraulic foot valve control allows “hands free” operation of the hydraulic controls and provides the operator the mobility to position the equipment over a wide range of set up situations, while hand-captaining the pull line or cable. 800.321.7914,

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