Crawler Tractors and Sidebooms: John Deere 700J

The 700J 12-ton dozer boasts a 115-hp turbocharged six-cylinder Deere diesel, full-featured hydrostatic drivetrain and oscillating undercarriage.

The 6-cylinder Deere wet-sleeve diesel engine provides exceptional reliability, power and torque. Full-featured hydrostatic drivetrain delivers full power turns, infinite speed range, infinitely variable track speeds, automatic load sensing.

Low-effort decelerator/brake slows travel speed while maintaining full engine rpm’s for maximum hydraulic power and response. Blade ratio and center of gravity are optimized for superior balance, agility and grade work. A cab-forward design positions the operator close to the front for visibility behind, below and beyond the blade.

Deluxe suspension armchair adjusts seven ways for day long comfort and support. Ergonomically designed single lever gives low-effort control of steering, forward/reverse travel, and ground speed. Thumb-actuated switch controls travel speed. Enhanced instrument panel includes an electronic monitor with diagnostic capability and easy-to-operate sealed switches. 309.765.1859,

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