Study Confirms Long Life Expectancy For PE Pipe In Muni Water Systems

The Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) announced an ongoing study by Jana Laboratories confirms 100-plus year life expectancy for pipe made from polyethylene (PE) when used in municipal potable water systems.

The study is the latest in-depth research commissioned by PPI investigating the effects of disinfection on the lifetime of polyethylene pipes.

“One hundred year service life exceeds typical expectations; 50 years is widely accepted as the usual benchmark,” explained Tony Radoszewski, executive director of the PPI. “Polyethylene has been successfully used for water pipe in Europe and North America since the late 1950’s due to its leak-free joints, durability, resistance to galvanic corrosion, and long-term cost effectiveness. This research, along with analytical projects conducted over the years by our association and other entities, overwhelmingly provides evidence demonstrating the superiority of PE pipe systems over historically-used materials.”

Jana Laboratories, publisher of the study, is a world-recognized authority on testing and evaluating the effects of disinfectants on pipe materials. Compilation of the research is ongoing with a final report anticipated in 2010. More information and links to the interim report can be found on the PPI’s website or Jana Labs website

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