Crawler Tractors and Sidebooms: RWF Bron 150P

The BRON 150P self-propelled Pipelayer features full hydrostatic drive for track speed control and link controls for sensitive hands-on side boom operation.

A 200-hp CAT diesel power train provides operational efficiencies even in the toughest conditions with 6.6 psi ground pressure. Tractor components include full hydrostatic two-speed automatic drive, Sunstrand hydraulic motors and pumps, 80 gallon fuel capacity for up to 12 hours full-load operation and a 65 gallon hydraulic tank.

The side boom has a standard lift of 30,000/40,000 pounds and comes fully equipped with a 2-speed planetary load line winch, single-speed planetary boom winch and a 5,000 pound counterweight. The 150P side boom weighs 35,000/37,000 pounds fully loaded with side boom and counterweights, with a maximum overall length of 133.5 inches and outside track width of 110 inches. 800.263.1060,

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