Rain for Rent Freeze Sentry

Rain for Rent’s latest innovation in liquid-handling solutions, Freeze Sentry pipe and manifold wraps, prevent water from freezing and maintain a constant temperature to protect equipment and expensive materials.

The Freeze Sentry pipe and manifold wraps are made with a highly durable, lightweight composite vinyl. Consistent heat is transmitted throughout the length of the wrap to facilitate a constant flow of liquid through pipes, even in extreme sub-zero temperatures. The design of the Freeze Sentry wrap with easy setup/take down portability and 120 Volt plugs provides a trouble-free, dependable, and cost-saving way to control equipment temperatures with fast, consistent heat. Freeze Sentry pipe and manifold wraps are available in 3 feet by 25 feet, 6 feet by 25 feet, and 11 feet by 23 feet configurations; custom sizes available upon request. 800.742.7246, www.rainforrent.com.

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