CertainTeed Certa-Lok PVC Well Casing

CertainTeed meets industry demand for larger diameter well with new 24-inch outside diameter Certa-Lok PVC Well Casing.

Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) wells are used to accumulate and store excess surface water and reclaimed water for reuse during drier periods. The casing increases the amount of water that can be reclaimed and stored for use in high-demand situations. Made of high-grade PVC, Certa-Lok Well Casing is immune to electrolytic and galvanic corrosion, and will not rust or rot like metal pipe. The product is also resistant to virtually all chemicals normally found in wells, including chlorine-based disinfectants and highly corrosive acids often used for well rehabilitation.

Certa-Lok Well Casing can be easily assembled — without solvent cement or reinforcement screw attachments — and weighs less than conventional steel casing. Utilizing a spline-locking design, Certa-Lok Well Casing forms a full-strength restrained joint instantly during assembly in all weather conditions, with elastomeric O-rings providing a dependable pressure seal. The solvent-free joint is environmentally acceptable and ideal for monitoring well applications. Certa-Lok Well Casing products are NSF International certified for use with potable water. 866-CT4-PIPE, www.certainteed.com

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