Mini Excavators: Hitachi ZX50U-3

The new ZX50U-3 meets EPA Interim Tier-4 emissions requirements.

Features include long life, smooth hydraulics, multifunction operations, steel cover, reinforced D-channel frame, lubricant-impregnated HN bushings and a box-section frame. The counterweight is large while the undercarriage is weighted to lower the center of gravity and increase stability. The auto-idle feature reduces fuel consumption. The manual quick-coupler makes fast work of bucket and attachment switchovers. Boom-mounted auxiliary hydraulic lines and an auxiliary return-flow selector valve accommodate both one- and two-way hydraulically driven attachments.

Operate auxiliary hydraulics with a switch positioned on top of the right-hand pilot lever. An optional hydraulic, adjustable-angle backfill blade features 25 degrees of adjustment to both the left and right for more efficient trench backfilling. The blade angle changes easily with buttons on top of the blade control lever. The ZX50U-3 comes standard with a ROPS/FOPS canopy, adjustable seat, and generously sized entryways.

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