TERRA joins the vertical drilling market with the development of its TERRA-DRILL for geothermal power.

The modular design of the vertical drill allows for easy use on softer terrain. The drill rig and power pack are separate. In transportation mode, the TERRA-DRILL is only 37.4-inches wide and it can drive through 3.3-feet wide entrance doors. Its low weight of 4,620 pounds and rubber crawlers prevent damage to soft terrain and pathways.

The TERRA-DRILL 4407 V can drill vertical bores up to a depth of 400 feet in most ground conditions. It has a torque of 3,300 foot/pounds and a pullback force of 7 tons. Casing pipes up to 7-inch OD can be drilled down to the upper rock edge, which protect the bore channel from collapsing. Smaller casing pipes with 5.2- and 6-inch OD can also be used.

The drill is equipped with a small power pack allowing it to be self propelled. The separate main hydraulic power pack is driven by a 33-hp diesel engine that meets emission standards. The duplex piston pump in the power pack hydrates the compressed air to ensure a continuous discharge of the drilling mud. +41-62-751 24 52, www.terra-eu.eu

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