Thompson Pumps 4JSCG Enviroprime

Thompson Pumps 4JSCG Enviroprime Pump is a high head 4-inch automatic priming centrifugal pump that provides flows of up to 1,300 gallons per minute and heads up to 330 feet.

The pump handles solids up to 3-inch and is ideal for sewer bypass pumping and abrasive applications, emergency flood response, and any other applications that require the transfer of liquids that contain solids. The Enviroprime priming system prevents product blow-by of pumpage, such as sewage, effluent and waste, from being discharged onto the ground or through hoses that carry the pumpage back to the source, making it environmental friendly. The durable construction and the highly efficient pump ends provide longer life and economical operations but most importantly lower fuel costs. 800.767.7310,

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