Pipeliners Invited To McElroy Road Show 2010

The second edition of the McElroy Road Show 2010 is under way. This traveling exhibition of pipe fusion machines and productivity tools is slated to have more than 50 stops at various locations across North America.

Each stop is located at one of McElroy’s distributor locations, and will offer demonstrations and product information for fusion equipment suited for thermoplastic pipes sized from ½-inch CTS to 65-inch OD.

This year’s Road Show will feature 16 new McElroy products, as well as existing products. Some of the new products slated to appear include:
• The 1LC: McElroy’s smallest fusion machine, designed for pipes ½-inch CTS to 1-inch IPS;
• Socket Tooling Kits: Specially designed tool boxes filled with selected socket tooling equipment that are suited for various industries;
• Productivity Equipment: The MegaMc Pipe Stand, PolyHorse with PowerAssist and Low Profile Rollers give pipeliners the opportunity to boost productivity on job sites; and
• Vertical Fusion Machines: McElroy’s new vertical fusion machines feature a counterbalanced, pivoting heater and can account for negative drag forces.

At each location, McElroy technicians and engineers will be available to discuss the products and demonstrate how they can benefit various construction jobs.

“The McElroy Road Show gives our personnel a great opportunity to get in the field, talk with people that use our equipment every day and listen to suggestions for how we can create and design solutions,” said Chip McElroy, president and chief executive officer of McElroy. “As a customer-focused organization, discussing how the end user works with our products gives us priceless feedback.”

Each Road Show stop is free to attend and begins at 1 p.m. at each stop’s local time. Most locations will offer a free lunch at noon before starting demonstrations. To find a stop near you, get more information or follow along with McElroy’s Road Show blog, visit www.mcelroy.com/fusion/roadshow.

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