Downhole Directional Drilling Tools: Vermeer

Utilizing a patented tri-cone roller bit and specialized drill head housing, the RS8 rock drilling system allows simple setup, low fluid usage, use of standard locator transmitters and excellent steering efficiency.

The RS8 uses standard transmitters allowing bore depths to the limit of standard locating transmitters (potentially 70 feet). The transmitter is located in the steering tool. This means pitch changes and tool deflection can be monitored as they happen. The machine does not have to be used as a dedicated rock drilling system or have the drill stem changed out when going from rock to conventional drilling. Standard Firestick drill stem, with its high torque and flow capabilities, allows the same drill to open the hole as to make the pilot bore. If hole opening will be required, the conventional drill stem does not limit drilling fluid flow like dual rod systems. This system does not require an inner drive rod through the drill stem that restricts flow and needs regular maintenance. Conventional drill stem has a better bend radius and does not limit the machine’s rod carrying capacities. 641.628.3141,

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