Rain for Rent HD6 Pipeline

Designed for the rugged cross-country pipeline market, the HD6 Pipeline pump is an all-purpose 6-inch pump producing flows past 2,700 gpm and heads to 165 feet, able to pass 3-inch solids.

This pump has hydraulic efficiency at BEP of 80 percent, which correlates to lower fuel costs and a smaller carbon footprint than other pumps in the market. The galvanized fuel tank and protection cage help protect the pump at remote, rugged locations where it may be frequently moved by crane or lift. The 70-gallon fuel tank is galvanized, so it will never rust; and the capacity’s 24-hour-plus run-time keeps refueling down to no more than once per day. Self contained galvanized drag skids hold any liquids that may drip from the radiator, fuel tank, or engine, helping to keep the surrounding environment clean.

The HD6 is fully automatic; it primes from totally dry conditions and will continue to draw a vacuum when re-priming is required. If low liquid levels prevent this, the pump will continue to run without damage until liquid levels are high enough for re-priming. Combine the HD6 with Rain for Rent Spillguards and tanks for a complete solution to your liquid-handling problems. Installation and engineering teams are available 24/7. 800.742.7246, www.rainforrent.com

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