UCT Is Go-To Place For New Technologies

UCT has become synonymous for innovative technologies and services in the construction and rehabilitation industry – it’s the go to place for attendees who are looking for the latest innovations in the industry. UCT San Antonio offered exhibitors an opportunity to showcase their new products as the ideal venue to reach their customers.

AP/M Permaform
CENTRIPIPE, which made its debut at UCT, is an engineering break-through for trenchless pipeline renewal of deteriorated corrugated metal pipe culverts and corroded concrete sewer pipe. This innovative no-dig method utilizes AP/M Permaform’s patented spin-cast technology to centrifugally cast a fully-structural concrete liner inside the old pipe. It is fully structural with a strength-to-thickness ratio that maximizes flow capacity. PL-8000 high-strength concrete is engineered to cure rapidly, to resist abrasion and to inhibit rust of the old metal culvert. For concrete sanitary pipe, ConmicShield is added to prevent MIC corrosion. CENTRIPIPE is earth-friendly, low cost and trenchless! 800.662.6465, www.permaform.net

Arkema introduced Rilsan PA 11, which offers a safer and low cost alternative to steel. Pipe extruded from Rilsan RDG-179 polyamide-11 resin offers all the advantages of plastic pipe at the higher operation pressures (up to 200 psig) previously only possible with steel pipe.

Low-cost benefits:
• Coiled pipe that can be plowed or planted
• Joining by butt fusion
• Corrosion resistance
• Ability to squeeze off

Safety benefits:
• Excellent Slow Crack Growth Resistance
• Excellent resistance to Rapid Crack Propagation
• No Cathodic Protection needed

Rilsan Polyamide11 is the only plastic approved by the Department of Transportation for gas distribution piping for 200 psi pressure with 0.4 safety factor and no de-rating for contaminated soils. 800.286.4110, www.arkema.com

Cosmic TopHat
Cosmic TopHat has once again chosen UCT to showcase a new product to the public. The CS100 Navigator system is a portable small diameter lateral cutter for pipelines from 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches. Designed to navigate through 45 and 90 degree bends, it can propel itself up to 90 feet. The joystick controls forward/reverse, left/right and 340-degree rotation. The CS100 also has an integrated camera with force air to keep the lens clean. The two-horsepower, 16,000 rpm electric motor will allow an operator to cut through various obstacles. The system adapts to the H100 Applicators for small diameter (4- and 6-inch) spot repairs. 424.288.9053, www.cosmic.at

Cretex Specialty Products
PRO-RING is the only manhole grade adjustment system made from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). PRO-RING products provide a proven alternative to concrete grade or adjustment rings. The material is renowned for its ability to stand up to the harshest of conditions without damage or deformity for many years.

It usually takes four men to lift a concrete grade ring, which can result in possible injury; however, a 6-inch PRO-RING weights only 14 pounds and eliminates that hazard, helping to reduce worker injuries.

The PRO-Ring system has rings that nest together that include a finishing ring and a slope adjustment ring for a precision fit, making it easy for one person to install the system in just minutes.

PRO-RING products speed manhole installation and repair dramatically, allowing the site to close for only one day and reducing overall cost from 20 to 30 percent based on conditions. No water, sand mortar or bricks are needed, just a few simple tools. 262.542.8153, www.cretexseals.com

Herrenknecht AG
Herrenknecht, Schwanau, Germany, is introducing the Direct Pipe one-pass pipeline installation method to the United States. The German Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology first promoted the development of the Direct Pipe method and the implementation of the pilot project in Worms, Germany, in October 2007.

The Direct Pipe method opens up new application potentials by combining the advantages of Harrenknecht’s microtunneling and Pipe Thruster technology. A prefabricated pipeline is installed almost continuously in one step concurrently with the excavation. A cutterhead adjusted to the geology requirements, and a cone crusher, remove possible obstacles.

In a similar way to the pipe jacking process, Herrenknecht Direct Pipe machines excavate the borehole. The excavated material is transported via a slurry circuit, which runs in the laid pipeline to the separation plant aboveground. The Pipe Thruster takes over the function of the main jacking station and pushes the pipeline with the coupled Direct Pipe machine forward. The required force is transmitted to the pipeline and the cutterhead via the clamping unit of the Pipe Thruster.

The Universal Navigation System developed by Herrenknecht makes it possible to master and monitor curved drilling profiles accurately by using a gyro compass and a hydraulic water leveling system.

Benefits include:
• Single-step method leads to rapid installation of product piping and pipelines;
• No time needed for coupling pipes (Microtunnelling) or drill rods (HDD);
• Pipeline can be installed pre-welded and already tested; and
• Costly shaft construction is unnecessary – only simplified surface entry and exit pits are required.
253.447.2302, www.herrenknecht.com

UCT was the ideal venue for Vermeer Corporation to introduce two new products designed specifically to assist with geothermal field loop installations. The D20x22FX Series II will be the industry’s first flex-angle drill capable of drilling at any specified angle ranging from 18 to 90 degrees. Engineered with input and feedback from contractors who specialize in geothermal loop system installations, specifically for residential applications, the D20x22FX Series II is another Vermeer product innovation in response to the increasing worldwide focus on renewable energy.

Capable of completing vertical and steep-angle geothermal loop installations, the D20x22FX Series II is also a fully functioning horizontal directional drill that can install horizontal loops as well as conventional utilities. This feature offers exceptional adaptability in meeting varying project specifications.

“The D20x22FX Series II will allow contractors involved with geothermal installations a great amount of flexibility,” says Ed Savage, trenchless segment manager at Vermeer. “With both vertical and horizontal drilling capabilities, and the option to select any drilling angle from 18 to 90 degrees, this drill will help enhance the efficiency and productivity of geothermal field loop installations. It’s like getting the capability of both a vertical and horizontal directional drill in the same machine.”

The Navigator D20x22FX Series II flex-angle drill comes equipped with an automated rod loader that is modeled after a conventional HDD rod loader with modifications to operate at the full vertical position. This feature eliminates the need to manually handle each rod, enhancing productivity and operator safety. The auto-drill feature allows the operator to set thrust / pullback speed, pressure or rotation modes and return to original settings with the simple push of a button.

At only 65 inches in width, the D20x22FX Series II offers greater maneuverability in confined spaces making it an ideal drill for residential vertical loop installations. The machine is self-propelled on rubber tracks controlled from the rear of the machine, which help to evenly disperse weight for minimal ground surface disturbance.

The drill is also equipped with an adjustable, swing-out operator station that provides a range of positions for operator visibility and comfort at any drilling angle. And the rack-and-pinion design offers smooth and efficient carriage motion that helps to reduce maintenance often associated with chain-drive systems. The drilling fluid pump of the D20x22FX Series II, rated at a maximum of 25 gpm, offers efficient fluid flow for conventional HDD bores while an optional 100 gpm high flow pump is available in addition to the standard unit.

To complement the D20x22FX Series II, Vermeer has also introduced the GM30 grout mixer. The GM30 model will provide convenient and efficient mixing of grout for residential or commercial geothermal loop installations. The unit will be available with either single or dual tank configurations, as well as a centrifugal or high-pressure piston pump to meet the specific needs of contractors. 641.628.3141, www.vermeer.com

WB Dorcas Inc.
UCT attendees were the first to hear about the availability of newly improved Dinjer CMS-10K Cementitious Mortar for manhole rehabilitation from WBE Dorcas Inc.

Since its introduction in 2000, Dinjer CMS-10K has had an excellent track record as a cost effective, high strength, user-friendly manhole rehabilitation product. But WBE Dorcas Inc. wanted more.

“There is always room for improvement, even if your product is performing to standards and working exceptionally for your customers,” said Dorcas Hermes, WBE Dorcas Inc. president. “Product development and improvement will always be a priority so that we may continue to serve our industry and customers to the best of our ability.”

CMS-10K is a silica fume based mortar. CMS-10K is a specially formulated, combination of processed cement, aggregates, silica fume and nylon fibers, which when mixed with water, results in a dense, low rebound, high build mortar. The required low water to cement ratio ensures low permeability and adequate long-term strengths for most applications.

“Recent in-house testing on our improved formula shows a 20 to 25 percent increase in strength, with a compressive strength reaching 1,000 psi in 8 hours, corrosion resistance and most physical properties over our original formula,” explained Hermes.

“Our very low water-to-cement ratio, the highest quality additives and a precisely engineered formula combine to achieve ultimate results. Our sand gradation adheres to a very strict specification per ACI guidelines for wet process shotcreting. Additionally, the improvements have not changed the viscosity of the product. Dinjer CMS-10K can still be successfully spin-cast, wet process shotcrete, or hand applied.”

Dinjer CMS-10K is manufactured according to strict quality control guidelines, in a single location, with each batch undergoing multiple quality tests, guaranteeing ultimate product consistency.

Hermes said, “The improvements made to this product raise the industry standard for Portland cement-based products in terms of strength and structural integrity. Additionally, we can now compete with Calcium Aluminate based formulas in the area of corrosion prevention, and we can do it at a lower cost. We are excited about the evolution of this product and what it means for our customers: cost-effective, long-term solutions.” 719.686.5988, www.wbedorcas.com

Ditch Witch
Ditch Witch has released an advanced, more precise electronic guidance system for tracking horizontal directional bores. The new 8500 guidance system – which consists of an 8500T tracker, 8500D display and 850-series beacons – features an intuitive interface with easy-to-understand graphics.

In designing the 8500, simplifying the usage of the system was among the main priorities, according to Ditch Witch Electronics Product Manager John Bieberdorf. “The user interface is amazingly intuitive,” he says. “It guides the user throughout the tracking process. It even tells you how to calibrate.

“There are several features that make the 8500 more accurate and easier to use than any other guidance system out there. One is its offset locating and depth-reading ability. With this feature, the user can determine depth and horizontal offset alongside the beacon. So you can track along the side of a road while drilling next to it, and track around trees, brush, and other obstacles.”

Bieberdorf says the 8500 provides readings even on inclines of up to 20 degrees, so the operator can track up the sides of ditches and on other uneven terrain.
The 8500 is also ideal for situations in congested areas. With the system’s exclusive “drill-thru” mode, the tracker can be placed at a given point and the operator can drill not only to that point but also beyond it, on a planned path. When drilling under a multi-lane highway, for example, the tracker can be strategically placed in the middle of the road – shutting down one lane of traffic – and the drilling operator could drill all the way across without having to shut down lanes to take depth readings. In drill-thru mode, the 8500 provides both current and predicted depth.

On the clockface, the 8500 has 60 roll positions and a five-roll-per-second output. With 60 roll positions, the drill operator has access to more detailed information, resulting in a more accurate bore. The 8500 also has exceptional resolution on steep inclines to make it easier to match entry and exit plans and keep the bore on track.

Interference from metallic objects, electric lines and other radio signals can interrupt the progress of tracking a bore. This is why the 8500 has two frequencies built in: an ultra-low (ULF), 1.75-kHz frequency and a very low (VLF) frequency that can “see through” signals generated by objects in the vicinity, such as rebar, underground and overhead lines. “The choice of two distinctly different frequencies increases the operator’s ability to drill in high-noise areas, so they can be more productive,” says Bieberdorf. “In addition, the communication between the 8500T and 8500D gives you 15 channels to choose from, which maximizes communication capability and helps prevent cross-talk with other nearby drills and electronic devices.”

The 8500 is equipped with a USB connection and a secure digital (SD) card on the remote display. With these, the operator can plug a laptop directly into the display and copy data, or pull the SD card out of the display and take it to the office.
Even with its sensitive electronics, the 8500 is built for durability and reliability. Specially designed padding surrounds the electronics and battery connections in the beacon. This isolates battery connections and electronics from the shock and vibration that come with extreme drilling conditions.

Other features of the 8500 guidance system include an improved beacon battery life indicator; standard C-size alkaline batteries for the 8500T; molded, soft-touch hand grips that provide greater operator comfort; and balanced weight that makes it easy to use the 8500 over the course of a long day. 800.654.6481, www.ditchwitch.com

Akkerman recently unveiled the Powered Reaming Head (PRH) upsizing kit for its Guided Boring Machine (GBM) system. This robust GBM accessory allows owners to bore multiple pipe diameters with just one set of 11-inch OD thrust casings and augers. The PRH’s exclusive design and packaging makes it an essential tool for sanitary sewer installations and a must-own component for GBM customers.

The base 14-inch OD PRH unit feature 16- and 20-inch OD increaser kits and corresponding pipe adapter rings to accommodate up to 20-inch OD pipe*. All PRH components rest on a customized rack for ease of transport and orderliness on the job site. The PRH front and rear sections can be launched separately to accommodate minimal diameter shafts. The PRH kit performs well with all Akkerman power packs and jacking frames.

The PRH augments the versatility of the GBM system through increased productivity rates, extended drives, and the capability to complete a wide range of jobs with less financial investment. Using smaller and lighter thrust casings and augers requires less torque than their larger counterparts thereby facilitating a swifter and longer bore. Four jetting/lubrication lines on the PRH arms and the outside rear section allow operators to lubricate spoils and minimize jacking force. Customers will reduce their overhead costs by owning a single, more transportable 11-inch casing and augers assembly. In addition, customers will be able to bid a range of pipe sizes on one job.

Each unit features a maximum auger drive torque of up to 10,500 foot/pounds and 50 rpm. The PRH body increases in length from 62-64 inch and 15-21 inches in diameter. With the front and rear section combined, the PRH body weighs from 1,300-1,800 pounds.

*GBM owners wishing to install pipe larger than 20-inch OD should refer to Akkerman’s Powered Cutter Head (PCH) line of equipment. 800.533.0386, www.akkerman.com

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