Trench Shoring and Safety Products: Mabey Bridge & Shore

Mabey sheet pile is available in a wide range of sizes for various applications and can be used together with Mabey’s hydraulic framing systems when needed.

For Central Florida Underground, 40-feet interlocking sheet pile was chosen because of its strength and ability to resist water intrusion. Mabey engineers worked with Central Florida Underground to develop a scheme utilizing these sheets, along with Mabey’s Super PowerBrace frames and corner struts to produce a water resistant, yet easily installed cofferdam system. Once completed, the shored excavation measured 52 feet wide, 32 feet long and 22 feet deep. The system held back nine feet of water and eight feet of soil. After thoroughly dewatering the excavation, the installation was completed in less than 12 weeks. 800.956.2239,

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