Trench Shoring and Safety Products: Speed Shore Corp.

Vertical Shores are the quickest, simplest and safest way to shore a trench. Designed for use in more stable soils, they can be placed as fast as you excavate, usually by one person.

All Vertical Shores are installed and removed from above-ground, thus avoiding dangerous exposure to unshored trenches. Standard and heavy-duty vertical rails, available in lengths from 1 to 24 feet, are connected by one or more hydraulic cylinder assemblies. Cylinders are available in a full range of sizes with coordinated extensions. Vertical Shores are typically used in trenches up to 12-feet wide, and may be stacked for varying depths.

Speed Shore Vertical Shores feature lightweight, high-yield aluminum alloy construction for portability and exceptional strength. Cylinder oversleeves protect the piston assembly. Flush-mounted cylinder pads provide for even load distribution, while safety bleed-off ports prevent cylinder over-extension. All Speed Shore hydraulic systems feature gauge-regulated pressure to insure even load allocation to the trench walls. 800.231.6662,

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