The RAPTOR UIFD1 handheld Ultrasonic Imaging Flaw Detector combines a hand-held flaw detector with a fully capable imaging system at the price of most mid-level flaw detectors.

Standard are: three 32-bit microprocessors, 64MB across 3 internal memory and external storage of up to 8GB utilizing a removable SD Flash Card. Ultrasonic features include a Spike and Squarewave pulser, Rep Rates from 10Hz to 5KHz auto and manually adjustable, full tuned filtering, 5 damping levels, DAC, RF/+/-/FW rectification, Filled/Hollow display, IP & IF Gating, IP or IF Sync, (+to+), (+to-), (-to+) and (–to-) triggering, Peak Echo Hold, Weld Trig and more. The RAPTOR UIFD1 can operate with a recently introduced line of manual, battery powered, semi-automated and fully automated scanners from a simple menu selection for high resolution images including C-Scan, B-ScanBand, SplitView, dynamic A-Trace updating at 60Hz and more, presented on a high contrast, fully sunlight viewable 5.7-inch color display. 714.893.2438, www.ndtsystems.com

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