Trench Shoring and Safety Products: PRO-TEC Equipment

The ProSeries steel line includes 4-, 6- and 8-inch thick sidewall models. The PalSeries Lightweight steel shields include 3-inch single wall and 3- and 4-inch double wall models.

High Clearance Arch Spreaders provide up to 10 feet of clearance. The ATS aluminum line includes 2 1/2-inch thick sidewall models in standard sizes. The ModSeries line consists of modular 2 1/2-inch thick panels that are pick-up truck transportable and hand assembled. The Aluminum Hydraulic Vertical Shoring line includes four sizes in the standard line and seven sizes in the heavy-duty line. PRO-TEC’s Slide Rail Shoring System is ideal for use in poor soil conditions and where support in deep excavations is needed. All PRO-TEC shielding is professional engineer certified to meet OSHA regulations. 800.292.1225,

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