April Rehab Products from Madewell, Pearpoint and Radiodetection

The Madewell PortaMortar machine mixes, pumps and sprays high build restoration mortar and 100 percent solids epoxy coatings in difficult to reach areas.

Using the hydraulic power available on most skid-steer loaders, the Madewell PortaMortar will go anywhere the loader can go – without the need for an additional power source. The machine’s ergonomic design puts the top of the mortar mixer at the operator’s waist level for less strain and effort on the job. Hydraulic cylinders lift the entire mixer unit to dump the contents of mixer into the pump hopper. For a full view of the machine operation, the mortar mixer and pump control valves are located for easy access and operation. Both the mixer and pump are reversible and both the mixer and the pump are equipped with variable speed controls.

Pearpoint, Radiodetection
The flexiprobe and GatorCam range of pushrod systems have been designed to offer maximum flexibility and performance for a wide variety of video inspection situations: from residential and small commercial uses to specialist plant and municipal applications.

The flexiprobe and GatorCam controllers bring you all the benefits of digital video technology allowing the operator to rotate and “zoom” the live picture to have a better look at problematic areas.

Video and still pictures are recorded into solid state, shock resistant Compact Flash cards.

The latest P330+, GatorCam3+ and GatorCam Digital+ software release, V2.62, offers enhanced performance and is free of charge to download. It includes some great new features as well as incorporating all the features from the previous software releases.

Now is the perfect time to update your software.

Enhancements include:
New OSD Layouts to meet your requirements:
Chose between Normal, TV and Custom to switch between a classic layout, a TV/DVD compatible layout or a fully customisable screen where time date and counter can be moved anywhere on the screen.

Help function:
Access context sensitive help by pressing Fn+F1 on the keypad

Defect Code support:
Quickly reference your observations by browsing WRC, PACP or your own defect codes directly from the text or report editor.

Counter Editor:
Modify the counter reading to any required start value.

Simpler Reporting:

Enter your report data more efficiently with the improved report user interface. Press the Text key to quickly switch between live picture and report data.

Compact Flash cards supported

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