Leica Geosystems PowerDigger 3D

Leica PowerDigger 3D expands on the unique PowerSnap concept, which provides total flexibility and interchangeability of machine control products and of machines such as excavators, dozers and graders.

PowerSnap allows users to swap panels between laser, slope and 3D machine control seamlessly. PowerSnap also provides a cable-free system: data communication via infrared and induction for power supply offer contractors high reliability and system uptime. Leica Geosystems provides machine control solutions for excavators, dozers, and graders that can now use the XC-16 control panel with the corresponding 2D or 3D software. PowerSnap also lets new customers manage their investment path as they move into machine control; offering complete backwards compatibility and affordable upgrade paths from traditional laser/slope control – all the way to 3D.

Additionally, the easy removal of panels helps deter theft and vandalism – an ideal solution for rental machine fleets. Leica PowerDigger 3D software offers direct support for popular 3D design models (CAD) – meaning no interpretation of drawings and no need for stakeout. The Leica PowerDigger 3D control panel has a rugged housing and is equipped with a 7-inch full-color touch screen that takes the user through the installation, setup and operating modes at a glance. 800.367.9453, www.leica-geosystems.us

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