PLM Offering Load Monitor System

PipeLine Machinery International (PLM), Caterpillar’s global pipeline equipment dealer, has recently teamed with Cranesmart Systems and is the exclusive distributor of the Pipelayer System, the industry’s first wireless load monitoring indicator (LMI) system for pipelayers.

The Pipelayer System eliminates the guesswork, arming operators with the precise load management information they need to get the job done safely and efficiently. The system consists of a load pin, boom angle indicator, four-axis slope indicator and optional two-block alarm – all of which relay information wirelessly to the easy-to-read monitor in the pipelayer’s cab.

With precise load management details available to operators at all times, the system significantly reduces the potential for costly and dangerous overloading, tip-overs, roll-overs and other accidents.

The Pipelayer System monitor eliminates guesswork by showing contractors the actual weight on the hook, the tractor’s lift limit and whether or not they are within permitted working slope angles. The display indicates the slope in degrees and can also be programmed to provide maximum slope alert alarms.

The Pipelayer System also offers optional anti-2-block protection. This feature includes a wireless anti-2-block switch, which swivels freely to travel in the direction of the wire rope, utilizing a chain and trigger-weight to sense block position.

During intricate pipe line-up operations such as valve setting or tie-ins, the boom operator’s focus is on lining up the pipe ends for the welders working on the pipe. While attention is on the pipe ends and the welders, the proximity of the two blocks on the boom may get dangerously close. If the blocks hit, the pipe could move abruptly causing safety concerns and equipment damage. The operator is given advance notice of block proximity through audible and visual alarms on the display panel, helping eliminate safety hazard to the crew in the vicinity and preventing damage to blocks and boom, wire rope and winches.

Electronics are temperature tested to perform accurately from minus 40 to plus 60 degrees Celsius. High-grade stainless steel components with glass-filled nylon cases are rugged enough to withstand the demands of heavy equipment and continual outdoor use. With no exposed wires or other mechanical relays and no bulky moving parts, the Pipelayer System is easy to install and manage. 713.939.0007,

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