Mark Laney Receives Pipeliner Award

J. Marcus “Mark” Laney of Laney Directional Drilling, Humble, TX, accepted “Pipeliner of the Year” award from the Pipeliners Association of Houston. The award was presented to Laney during the association’s monthly meeting held on June 7 at the Houston Engineering and Scientific Society Building. Laney was recognized for his exemplary work in both road boring and horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

Laney got an early start in the road boring business working for Docs Road Boring when he was only 16 years old. Building on the knowledge he gained, Laney and his brothers, Dikie and Steve, formed Laney Inc. in 1979. Laney soon recognized how HDD could play a major role in the underground industry, so he and Robert Hamil designed and built their first HDD rig.

Today, Laney Directional Drilling is known as a premier road-boring contractor with 12 HDD rigs and four boring crews working in the United States and around the world. The company has successfully completed over 2,100 drills for a total footage of more than 3.2 million feet. Laney has set many world records with their longest current drill of 7,411 feet.

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