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Dewatering equipment from Rain for Rent, Thompson Pump & Mfg., Godwin Pumps, Grindex Pumps, Gorman-Rupp Pumps, Goulds Pumps/ITT, Multiquip, ITT Flygt Water & Wastewater, Allegro Industries and Griffin Pump & Equipment.

Rain for Rent
Rain for Rent’s 6-inch HH-150 stainless steel Power Prime pump is specifically designed to produce high discharge heads for mining and dewatering projects. Superior fuel efficiency enables this pump to move more gallons of water at a lower cost. The impellers and shaft are stainless steel for added durability in mine and quarry applications. The HH-150 can handle solids up to 1.5 inches in diameter, flow up to 2,250 gpm, and head up to 320 feet. 800.742.7246, www.rainforrent.com

Thompson Pump & Mfg.

Thompson Pump’s JSC Series Solids Handling Enviroprime portable pumps range in size from 3-18 inches, are designed for high flows to 11,000 gallons per minute, heads to 330 feet and is available diesel or electric-driven. These end-suction centrifugal pumps can handle solids up to 4 inches. The Enviroprime compressor-assisted dry priming system prevents blow-by (pumpage) from discharging onto the ground, making this unit environmentally safe. The sturdy, weather resistant, sound attenuated Silent Knight canopy is also available on the JSC Series Pumps and allows the pumps to operate at or below 70 dBa and provide a more secured, lockable unit. The durable construction and the highly efficient pump ends provide longer life and economical operations but most importantly lower fuel costs. 800.767.7310, www.thompsonpump.com

Godwin Pumps
The Dri-Prime 4-inch CD103M automatic priming centrifugal pump is a highly maneuverable portable trash pump with flow capabilities to 1,000 gpm, heads to 170 feet and solids handling to 3 inches in diameter. Godwin’s venturi air evacuation system allows the CD103M to prime from dry conditions with suction lifts up to 28 feet. Perfect in intermittent flow situations, the CD103M can run dry indefinitely without damage due to the oil bath mechanical seal design. For sewage handling, dewatering, municipal usage, and other applications, the CD103M with 4-inch hoses is a powerful, yet versatile and portable pumping system. 856.467.3636, www.godwimpumps.com

Grindex Pumps
The MEGA pump is an extension of Grindex Pumps’ product line of larger dewatering pumps. The heavy-duty MEGA is an ideal pump for deep excavations such as open pit and underground mines, quarries, tunnel projects and other industrial applications where very high head pumping is required. Equipped with optional zinc anodes, it is also the right choice for corrosive applications. MEGA pump runs at 140 hp, and is available in two versions, delivering between 900 and 2,500 gpm with up to 750 feet of head. 708.532.9988, www.grindex.com/us

Gorman-Rupp Pumps
Gorman-Rupp’s Off-the-Shelf program offers 11 models in its expanded and redesigned IPT line of utility pumps. IPT Pumps feature affordable performance and quality in self-priming, submersible, diaphragm, high pressure and trash handling pumps, as well as accessories. Models are offered in 1 ½, 2, 3 and 4 inch sizes, with flows up to 550 gpm and heads up to 238 feet. The company’s Off-the-Shelf (OTS) program features over 800 pump models available for quick shipment, many within 24 hours. 419.755.1491, www.grpumps.com

Goulds Pumps/ITT

The Series GV Submersible Vortex Sewage Pumps boast a non-clogging design and a dual seal with seal sensor probe. These pumps are designed for maximum durability and reliability for dewatering/effluent control and sewer systems, among others. The pumps are designed for continuous operation when fully submerged and are capable of running dry without damage to components. A standard high temperature sensor requires high temperature circuit in panel. The shaft is made of corrosion resistant, 400 series stainless steel. Key and impeller bolt on all models to guard against component damage on accidental reverse rotation. Vortex pumps are designed for long-term, constant high performance. The impeller runs freely in the volute and does not require adjustments eliminating the risk of jamming and low performance. Trouble free operation is guaranteed and maintenance is reduced to a minimum.315.568.2811, www.goulds.com


Multiquip’s diaphragm pumps are ideal for the slow seepage applications where a centrifugal pump would ordinarily lose its prime. They are perfect for muddy water, sludge or any water with a high percentage of solids. The model MQD2H 2″ pumps up to 50 gallons per minute and has a maximum lift of 25 feet. It is driven by a 3.5-hp Honda gasoline engine. The MQD2H easily switches from inline to transverse flow
800.421.1244, www.multiquip.com

ITT Flygt Water & Wastewater

The 2600 series of dewatering pumps include six models with output ranges of 1.2 to 27 hp. The pumps feature innovative hydraulics, fewer components, new materials and an ergonomic design. The patented DuraSpin hydraulic system improves wear resistance and sustains performance over time. A single screw enables easy adjustment for maximum pump performance. 203.380.4700, www.flygtus.com

Allegro Industries

Five models of dewatering and sludge pumps offer continuous operation at low water levels and extended dry runs without overheating the motor. These portable, submergible pumps are excellent for manholes, vaults, construction sites and all dewatering needs. The DC Submersible Dewatering Pump is a totally enclosed, submersible dewatering unit. Watertight o-ring seals keep pump’s internal parts completely dry and it delivers up to 43 gpm for rapid dewatering and instant prime. It can operate on any 12-volt truck or automobile battery, and the low 30 AMP draw allows for an hour of operation without starting the engine. 800.622.3520, www.allegrosafety.com

Griffin Pump & Equipment

A complete line of electric submersible pumps (clean water, gray water or trash-laden effluent) is available from Griffin Pump. Electric submersible pumps are available for flows as low as a few gallons per minute to several hundred gallons per minute, with head conditions to several hundred feet. The self-priming pumps come in 120-volt single phase or 460-volt phase 3. The pumps compact design makes for easy handling in tight working areas. 866.770.8100, www.griffinpump.com

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