Spot/Point Repairs

Spot/Point repairs from Infrastructure Repair Systems, Masterliner, Logiball, LMK Enterprises, Link-Pipe, Perma-Liner Industries, Cosmic TopHat, Ratech Electronics, Lansas/Vanderlans and Sons and AMerik Supplies.

Infrastructure Repair Systems
The Infrastructure Repair Spot Repair system is an advanced resin technology. The ambient cured resin is formulated to perform in both warm and cold environments. The IRSI patented liner is constructed using fiberglass and a highly absorbent felt and a protective mesh. The combination of the liner and resin yields a permanent structural repair of a specific length for damaged and or cracked pipe, sizes 4- to 48-inches ID. 877.327.4216,


Masterliner’s Sectional Pipe Renewal System offers a no dig, long-term solution for spot repairs in a matter of hours. Get the user-friendly kits at factory direct prices. Features include improved flow characteristics; high strength, leak proof epoxy; and custom diameters and wall thickness. 888.344.3733,

Logiball offers a complete line of reinforced sleeve installers and carriers for sectional liners (CIP or mechanical locking sleeves) up to 50 feet long for 4- through 36-inch pipes. In their shorter version, the Sleeve Installers are used as end plugs to process manhole-to-manhole liners (deformed, reshaped, expanded and CIPP liners). The Sleeve Installers are made of a two-ply, cross-biased reinforced rubber sleeve that is resistant to hot water and even steam under pressure. The rubber sleeve is secured to the end plate through a series of wedging points for a strong and safe attachment even when the rubber is softened by exposure to high temperatures. 800.246.5988,
LMK Enterprises
The Performance Liner Sectional system is a unique one-step air-inversion point repair. The liner is vacuum impregnated, meaning it is clean and safe for workers and the environment. No resin is wiped off as the resin saturated liner tube is towed to the point of repair; yet full resin migration is achieved at the point of repair as described in ASTM in F2599-06. This system renews mainlines from 6 to 42 inches. Smaller diameter (8 to 12-inch) sewer pipes can range in length from 3 to 50 feet. Larger diameters can range from 3 to 30 feet. Typically the resin is cured within two hours at ambient temperatures, or as fast as 30 minutes using LMK’s steam curing system. 815.433.1275,

Link-Pipe offers municipalities savings based on switching from replacement and re-lining of the entire pipe to repair of only the damage by spot repair. Link-Pipe’s factory-made high quality stainless steel and PVC sleeves are easy to install and need very little equipment. If during routine inspection damaged pipe is discovered, it takes around 20 minutes to have it repaired using Link-Pipe Grouting Sleeve or SewerSealer. Spot repairs can be installed in pipe diameters of 6-54 inches. Every Grouting Sleeve, SewerSealer Sleeve and Link-Pipe (PVC Sleeve) caries a manufacture 10-year Limited Warranty and is evaluated to give a minimum 100-year service life. 800.265.5696,

Perma-Liner Industries

The Perma‐Liner Point Repair System consists of a fiberglass reinforced liner and ambient cured resins. The Point Repair Kits are sold from 6 to 54 inches in diameter and lengths from 2 to 30 feet. The point repair forms a structural, permanent waterproof repair which seals all types of pipe against infiltration and exfiltration. The finished repair is stronger than the original pipe. This repair has a superior bond to the existing pipe in both wet or dry conditions and because the resin is 100 percent solids, there is no shrinkage and therefore no annular space between the pipe and repair that could cause leakage. The Perma‐Liner Sectional Point Repair is considered a structural repair per ASTM F‐1216. The ASTM Specification testing requirements are based on a minimum life expectancy of 50 years. 727.507.9749,

Cosmic TopHat
A small-diameter, sewer lateral spot repair system using an ultraviolet (UV), light emitting diode (LED) cured-glass fiber composite laminate is available from Cosmic TopHat. The Cosmic H100 Flex Seal System can quickly repair cracks, offset joints, pipe separations and other damage to stop infiltration and inflow and root intrusions in pipes from four to 6 inches in diameter. The Flex Seal is a portable, manual push-in system consisting of a push reel drum with 90 feet of cable, briefcase monitor and UV LED curing box and applicator with a mounted camera. Support equipment includes a small generator and compressor. 424.558.9872,

Ratech Electronics

The SnapLock repair system is a no-dig repair system that renovates the defective section of a sewer or pipe. No chemicals are needed for installation. Made of high-grade stainless steel and surrounded by a rubber outer sleeve, the snap-lock system is highly durable and resistant to most chemicals including hydrogen sulphide. SnapLock is available in various diameters and lengths. 800.461.9200,

Lansas/Vanderlans and Sons
Vanderlans and Sons’ line of spot repair carriers are used to transport repair sleeves to the repair site. The carriers are then inflated pushing the repair sleeve against the damaged pipe and holding it there while it cures. The carriers also have a small bypass that helps keep the sewage backup to a minimum. Standard carrier size ranges are 6-10, 8-12, 12-18 and 18-24 inches. Standard carrier lengths are 5, 8, 10, 12 and 15 feet. Custom diameters and lengths are available. The carriers are made of lightweight reinforced natural rubber making them easy to install in the lines. The cage-style ends and the small diameter allow the units to pass through most offset joints. Wheels are available by special order. 800.452.4902,

AMerik Supplies

Fiber Spot Repair is a steam cured ECR fiberglass sectional liner system for repair of sewer lines from 6 to 36 inches. One installation covers from 2 to 150 feet. Curing time is 45 minutes. The epoxy impregnated liner has an inside veil creating a gel coat surface. The high strength material normally improves flow in the repaired section. New installers are field trained. 770.924.2899,

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