Gas & Water Leak Detection

Gas & water leak detection from Moffatt Enterprises, Fluid Conservation Systems, ADS, Crowcon Detection Instruments, Aries Industries Vivax-Metrotech, Heath Consultants Echologics, SubSurface Instruments, Rycom Instruments, Pressure Pipe Inspection Co.

Moffatt Enterprises
Find a leak in less than 30 seconds before it is buried, without pressure by testing each pipe joint as it’s laid. An ultrasonic transmitter is used in coordination with an ultrasonic detector to find the leak. The detector converts inaudible ultrasonic signals into audible tones and amplifies them for ease of detection. By placing the transmitter on the inside of a pipe or test item, the signal will seek out and penetrate any hole in the pipe or joint. 541.548.1144

Fluid Conservation Systems
Deployed throughout a utility’s distribution system, Permalog + units attach magnetically to valves and use advanced algorithms to discern the acoustic signature of leaks from background noise. The units ‘wake up’ and listen during the night when ambient noise is at its lowest. If leak noise is detected, the unit reports this information via a two-way radio link, along with the approximate location of the leak, to a mobile unit that can then send a crew to pinpoint and repair the leak. 800.531.5465,

The Hykron Leak Listening System detects acoustic leak noise as it travels through water and the pipe wall — it can be detected by listening at valves, hydrants or any available fitting on the pipe. Leak noise is detected in the pipe wall via a highly sensitive, built-in electronic sensor. Listening is conducted using the headphones with an extension rod and magnetic attachment. This entry-level system provides state-of-the-art electronics for improved signal to noise ratio. The Hykron’s low cost, sensitive acoustics, easy operation, durable construction and alkaline battery with easy field replacement make it an ideal tool for a water crew’s standard tool chest. It comes packaged in a convenient carry case with: handheld electronic sensor; amplifier with belt attachment; extension rods; magnet attachment; and high quality headphones. 800.633.7246,

Crowcon Detection Instruments

Crowcon’s flexible Tetra Personal Monitor alerts confined space workers to dangerous changes in air quality by detecting hazardous gases. A top-mounted, backlit display provides gas readings, diagnostics and battery life; single button operation facilitates use with a gloved hand in small quarters. Fully interchangeable intelligent sensor modules allow customization to a specific air quality needs-oxygen, toxic and flammable gas detection. For pre-entry confined space testing, an optional built-in electric sampling pump or a separate manual aspirator is available. The durable water and dust resistant unit gives instant warning of gas hazards with a powerful audible siren, a bright LED and vibrating alarm. A Lithium-ion battery provides 18+ hours continuous operation from one charge. 800.527.6926,

Aries Industries

Televise live water distribution mains at pressures up to 75 psi, without interrupting service with WaterCam. Inspect up to 600 feet from a single tap in pipe diameters 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch. Watertight seals in the launching apparatus hold back main pressure during inspections utilizing heavy duty T-304 stainless steel Tapping Sleeves pressure tested to 250 psi suitable for steel, cast iron, ductile, AC and PVC piping. Patented Camera Centralizing “legs” ensure camera concentricity in the piping. High-resolution color images provide valuable video information detailing pipeline interior characteristics. Create inspection reports with the on-board video titling system. 800.234.7205,


HL 10 hand-held acoustic water leak location device pinpoints leaks while reducing leak location time. The three filter settings allow the equipment to be adjusted to the individual task and suppress interfering background noise. The visual LED indicator assists the leak location procedure and the simple, one-handed operation enables multiple assignments effortlessly. Store the current measure by simply pressing the mute switch. Users also can select best settings for the particular leak situation by using the volume and sensitivity control. Gain greater by combining the HL 10 with the GM 80 wind protected ground microphone. 800.638.7682,

Heath Consultants

The V!SA Confined Space Monitor requires only minimal training with its one button operation. The smart sensor package allows the V!SA to be easily upgraded from one gas to another giving total application flexibility. The sensors and smart board can be supplied from the factory pre-calibrated allowing the user to simply plug in the sensor(s) and use immediately. Simple low cost replacement sensors give good cost of ownership and maximum in-use life. Sensors can be positioned in any location allowing up to 5 gases to be measured at one time in any combination of toxic, oxygen and flammable gases. V!SA offers high visibility with its bright yellow rubber molding and 360 degree visible and audible alarm. The 95dBA at 1 meter is probably the loudest personal gas detector in the world today. The pitch and tone of the alarm varies as the hazard increases. The red (hazard present) flash rates vary in frequency to alert the user to the nature of the hazard. The short green confidence signal flashes every 15 seconds and/or a short audible signal provides user protection. 800.HEATH-US,


The LeakFinderRT Mini is a leak noise correlator for locating leaks in all types of water and other fluids transmission and distribution pipes. It provides the same features and advantages of the LeakfinderRT system in a smaller and lighter package using the same software. It’s ideal for situations where the ruggedness and longer battery of the LeakFinderRT is not needed. LeakFinderRT Mini uses advanced sensor technology and signal processing to make the system more effective when correlating small leaks or when high background noise is a factor. Also, an enhanced correlation function has been integrated to improve the definition of correlation peaks for narrow band leak noise. This is important for multiple leak situations, plastic pipes or in settings where leak sensors have to be closely spaced. The base model comes with: a wireless receiver; two wireless transmitters; two high sensitivity accelerometers; a stereo headphone set; AC battery charger; USB cable; two low temperature-rated sensor cables and waterproof rugged Pelican carrying case; and an optional netbook. 866.324.6564,

SubSurface Instruments
SubSurface offers a professional water leak detector with a standard cable. A large meter display (with backlight) of sound loudness, allows the user to pinpoint the exact leak location. The unit includes a light-weight amplifier (31 ounces) with a padded carrying case and a strap. The locator has six selectable filters, split into three “low side” filters (100Hz, 200Hz or 400Hz) and three “high side” filters (600Hz, 800Hz or 1200Hz). A “Limitter” switch which cuts off all loud noises greater than 110dB. A “Filter-Thru” switch turns off all of the amp’s filters, allowing the user to hear all sounds from 50Hz to 15,000 Hz. High-sensitivity ground microphone and low “electronic noise” amplifier combine to offer quality sounds for leak detection. Three accessories for attachment to the sensor are included: a ground plate for pinpointing on streets/slabs; a magnet base for surveying hydrants/valves; and a contact rod for surveying at meters/fittings. 920.347.1788,

Rycom Instruments

The LD8000 Leak Detector locates and pinpoint leaks in water and pressurized pipe systems – the LD8000 listens for vibrations generated by the pressure change of escaping liquids and gasses. Vibration radiation created by the escaping liquid is collected using a geo-phone ground sensor and fed to Digital Wave Filtering Chips in the main unit. These digital noise filters reduce unwanted noises and interference in the locator’s immediate testing environment and help to highlight the leak cues. Detection capabilities are enhanced with six user selectable band pass frequencies – 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 300 Hz, 500 Hz, 800 Hz and 1,200 Hz. When used at its lowest frequency range of 100 Hz, the bell curve frequency response of the LD8000 makes it suitable for finding leaks in PVC. Leak vibrations and signal strength are indicated to the user audibly through the noise canceling headphones and visually via the integrated LCD panel. Housed in rugged ABS plastic, the LD8000 receiver is designed to withstand the environmental hardships of daily field use. 800.851.7347,

Pressure Pipe Inspection Co.

Locate large diameter mains using the Sahara leak location system. The system uses a tether-controlled sensor that is passed through a pipeline, giving utilities the opportunity to prevent leaks from becoming breaks and saving lost water in the process. Because inspections can be done through an existing 2-inch diameter tap while the pipeline is in service, there is no disruption to water service. The system is inserted into a live main through any tap 2 inches or greater in diameter, and is completely safe for potable water systems. A small parachute uses the flow of water to draw the sensor through the pipeline. PPIC’s surface tracking device allows the position of leaks and other pipeline features to be located to within 18 inches. 877.ASK-PPIC;

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