CS Unitec

The PowerGrit Air Chain Saw is ideal for utility, municipal, construction and industrial pipe cutting applications. Cutting ductile iron pipe, cast iron pipe, PVC pipe, HDPE pipe, cured-in-place pipe is now safer, faster and easier.

This saw offers significant advantages over conventional gasoline cut-off saws using abrasive blades. It increases operator safety, reduces physical effort and boosts productivity. The PowerGrit Air Chain Saw allows the user to cut from one position, reducing excavation for underground pipes. Special patented diamond segments grind rather than tear the material, which reduces vibration and eliminates kickback. The result is a precise, clean cut in less time. Pneumatic power eliminates the exhaust fumes in confined spaces. Available with 15- or 20-inch bar lengths, the PowerGrit diamond chain saw can be used hand-held to cut pipe up to 20 inches in diameter. It cuts wet with water lubricating bars. Typically 3 or 4 gallons of water are sufficient for one cut of an 8-inch diameter ductile iron pipe. Options include a pipe clamp with up to 12-inch capacity. 800.700.5919, www.csunitec.com

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