Pexco is introducing a line of marker products designed specifically for utilities. Pexco utility marker products include guy markers/guards for durable, high-impact and economical protections for exposed utility pole guy wires, dead end fittings and anchor rods.

Units feature an integral snap for easy installation. Made from polyethylene with UV inhibitors, they are offered in yellow, red and gray with additional colors and/or reflective tape available. Snow poles mark culverts, drains, junction boxes, fire hydrants and other potential obstacles that may be obscured by piled snow. These poles increase operator safety and reduce replacement costs by effectively indentifying hazards. An exclusive lightweight honeycomb cross-section provides greater strength and durability. Reflective sheeting can be added for greater visibility. Ground wire molding offers strong, long-lasting and corrosion-resistant protection of exposed ground wire over wide temperature ranges. Made from PVC, these markers feature low maintenance, ease of handling and low cost. Utility markers/service line markers provide high visibility for easy identification of underground utility lines. Designed for strength, flexibility and durability, they are available in standard and special colors and options such as reflective sheeting, message decals and custom printing. 253.284.8000,

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