JRB/Paladin Construction Side Dump Bucket

The JRB Side Dump Bucket by Paladin Construction Group is manufactured to provide wheel loader operators with more flexibility than a standard bucket can offer in construction and utility applications.

This unique bucket can dump material from many angles, making it ideal for confined, hard-to-maneuver areas and jobs that require even material placement over long distances. One side of the JRB Side Dump Bucket is shaped like a standard bucket to hold material, while the other side has a 45-degree side-shoot dumping angle that allows for full side dumping and angle backfilling. It carries up to 4 cubic yards and is available in left- and right-hand dump functions. A sequence valve locks and unlocks the bucket cradle and side dump function, providing added safety and control during transportation and placement. The standard inside center-mounted lift hook provides operator flexibility for other construction and utility applications that may require a chain or harness to move an object. The JRB Side Dump Bucket is available as a pin-on bucket or is compatible with JRB’s Quick Coupler System. 800.428.2538, www.paladinbrands.com

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