Utility Cover Systems Easy Riser Manhole

With its fast and simple installation in 15 minutes or less, the Easy Riser manhole systems made of 100 percent recycled tires, prevents storm water infiltration, absorbs vehicle impact to protect the structure, leads to a smooth road surface and is competitively priced to steel lid risers.

The Easy Riser provides proves more cost-efficient than manhole excavation, without the need for below grade adjustments on a simple overlay. It reduces storm water infiltration and prevents rainwater from having to be treated at the plant, resulting in improved water quality in streams, rivers and lakes. An average savings in materials and labor of $500 per manhole are realized in manhole excavating and reconstruction costs. The system design extends the life of the manhole structure and surrounding road surface, potentially saving thousands in construction costs over the life of the product. The 2010 Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) international design contest bestowed the 2nd place Silver IDEA award in the Industrial Design Category to the Easy-Riser Manhole Riser System. 888.997.4737, www.utilitycoversystems.com

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