Equipment Spotlight: Wireline Locators

Wireline tracking technology from INROCK, Underground Tools Inc., Sharewell and Horizontal Technology.

The Paratrack Guidance System utilizes an all angle, high resolution system that provides the driller with single guide wire tracking (surface or underground tacking); magnetic field tracking; parallel tracking (underground tracking of multiple parallel bores); intersections (tracking of two separate or multiple boreholes from varying directions); beacon tracking (wireless tracking); and pressure while drilling (measures annular and drill pipe pressures). 713.690.5600,

Underground Tools Inc.
Underground Tools’ sonde housing showcases a ¾-inch thick access door on the sonde housing for superior protection of valuable electronics. The thick housing features a slightly larger body diameter for greater wear resistance and durability. The housing incorporates a 7-hole Vermeer pattern that is compatible with UTI pilot bits, including UTI Gold Series bits or Vermeer pilot bits. Custom adapters allow the housing to be used with all makes and models of drill rigs. 866.488.3478,

Sharewell’s new steering tool is a directional guidance system specifically designed for HDD applications that provides both directional survey information and annular pressure while drilling. The system operates with TruTracker to provide critical drilling information including inclination; tool face; azimuth; position; temperature; and annular pressure. The system can be operated with or without the pressure sensor. When operating with pressure, a special pressure sub is required for the bottom hole assembly. The advantage of a steering tool that monitors the pressure of the annular area of the hole is if the pressure reading decreases, it could indicate a potential frac out; however if it increases, it could indicate a potential formation falling into the bore hole, possibly causing sticking of the assembly in the hole. Steering tool components include the probe, drillers console, interface, computer and printer. 800.637.6461,

Horizontal Technology
The DataTraX guidance system is accurate and automates records with ease. DataTraX offers the protection of detailed documentation of lines drilled in position with the HDD industry’s most accurate guidance and tracking method. DTX system can often exceed, plus or minus 1 percent of the depth. The recorded data can be converted to auto-cad and is GIS compatible. Perhaps the best feature is that there are no footage fees, saving the contractor many thousands of dollars annually. 888.556.5511,

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