Super Products Camel Jet 1600

An affordable alternative to a combination sewer cleaning unit, Super Products’ new Camel Jet 1600 is a truck-mounted, high-pressure water jetting system that offers a convenient method for keeping municipal sewers, sanitary and storm sewer lines, laterals, and drainage lines clean and free flowing.

The Camel Jet is also easy to operate and maintain, making it a popular choice of both municipal workers and sewer contractors.

The Camel Jet utilizes three modular tanks to carry up to 1,600 gallons of water. The tanks are formed of rotationally-molded polyethylene with ultra violet stabilizers to eliminate costly repairs often associated with metal tanks. Its Lexan Containment System means that users have additional safety protection from hose rupture or highpressure water.

For maximum performance, the Camel Jet utilizes a heavy-duty, Triplex continuous flow water pump to provide up to 80 gpm and pressure up to 2,000 psi. In addition to its single-engine design, which translates to lower fuel costs, the unit provides users with a host of options. To ensure that users have the flexibility to customize units to meet their needs, the 2010 Camel Jet 1600 units offers water pump and drive system options as a well front or rear
mounted 180 degree rotating hose reel with a 1,000-foot capacity. 800.837.9711,

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