Rehab Spotlight: Remote Inspection Equipment

Aries Industries

LETS (Lateral Evaluation Television System) is an adaptable, reliable system that allows simultaneous inspection of laterals (up to 150 feet) and mainlines (up to 1,000 feet), with a fast, efficient lateral camera launch. LETS system’s low friction drive mechanism virtually eliminates cable wear, and the automated self-capturing push cable retrieval gets you out of tough situations easily, increasing reliability and product life. To make operation even more trouble-free, the LETS system easily adapts or retrofits to other systems. LETS boasts two push cameras – a self-leveling mini camera or a pan/tilt camera. 800.234.7205,

R.S. Technical Services

The new Private Eye 2 Portable Mainline Inspection System includes features such as a 15-inch TFT LCD flat screen monitor; on-screen footage display; automated power adjustment and a Digital Video Recorder to capture MPEG 4 video onto a media card, USB thumb drive or external hard drive. Enclosed in a Pelican waterproof and crush proof case, the PI2 command center measures 18.43 inches by 14.43 inches by 7.62 inches and weighs just 30 pounds, giving the user extreme portability without sacrificing field durability. The PI2 is compatible with all RST cameras and tractors and when combined with a Compact Portable Reel loaded with single conductor cable, is capable of inspecting 4- to 200-inch diameter pipelines up to 1,000 feet in length. Options include a DD Lite text writer, POSM Lite or POSM Pro Laptop data collection software and sun readable monitor. 800.767.1974,


CUES offers custom TV/LAMP (lateral and mainline probe) CCTV inspection vehicles to help locate electric lines, water lines, gas lines, sewer lines and other pipes in the path of boring machines to avoid penetrating or damaging the pipes. Prior to the initiation of horizontal boring, use the CUES TV/LAMP truck system to perform pan and tilt inspections of the mainline sewer pipe while viewing and locating lateral services. 800.327.7791,

Ratech Electronics

The Ratech model “TORPEDO” crawler is a self-propelled, multi-conductor camera transporter. Equipped with a built-in 380-line resolution color camera, it is capable of inspecting 4- and 6-inch mainline sewers and watermains from a single entry point. The transporter has two sets of wheels; one set for 4-inch pipe and another for 6-inch pipe. With its powerful 1/8-hp motor, rugged transmission and durable gearing it will overcome most obstacles and make easy work of most pipelines. The power and controls to operate the transporter are supplied through the existing multi-conductor TV cable already in the vehicle. 800.461.9200,


If you need to inspect 2 inch and larger pipelines, ductwork or conduit, the UEMSI EagleCam is your answer. It is an affordable easy-to-use color push-camera system with a 10.4-inch LCD monitor, and video “in and out” RCA connections for use with your own recording device. The standard system includes a briefcase-style power control unit weighing 12 pounds, 200 feet of video push cable on a portable reel and a CM-1 color camera head. Available options include a Pro Eye self-leveling color camera head, a Tracker II In-line locator system, multiple skids, and more. 800.666.0766,

Radiodetection/SPX Corp.
The P350 flexitrax system supports three interchangeable, high-resolution cameras. Each camera features ultra-bright white LEDs that ensure a clear picture and a long, maintenance-free life. The digital video is displayed on the command module’s ultra-bright, 8-inch industrial grade TFT screen. Use P350 flexitrax to zoom and rotate photos and record digital video live or in real-time. Mimic display controls pan and tilt. The command module and drum have a weatherproof rating of IP53. The tough, yet lightweight controller provides a durable buffer between the elements and the survey data. The crawlers can operate fully submersed and are water resistant to depths of up to 300 feet. They are constructed from brass and stainless steel and are built with a single or twin 50-watt motor configuration. 877.247.3797,

RedZone Robotics

Solo enables better, more timely decision making by providing the most useful small pipe information faster than ever imagined. Solo inspects pipe without an operator present, and the results are coded offline. Solo includes an on-board power, intelligence, and storage. The system can make daily inspections 3 to 5 times that of conventional CCTV technologies. No dedicated truck is required. Powered by ICOM3, Solo comes with a 360-degree pan and tilt zoom viewing, deployment of manhole GPS; a PACP/WRc Report, and comprehensive operational statistics.

The SuperVision SAT lateral launch system crawls 300 feet down mainlines 6-inches and larger, and then inserts its camera as far as 100 feet into laterals 3.5 inches and larger. The auto-leveling color camera with shadowless illumination pans 360 degrees and tilts 90 degrees to view both sidewall detail and distant targets. SuperVision SAT’s steerable six-wheel drive helps it maneuver to troublesome launch points. Auxiliary lamps and a backward-viewing camera enhance visibility in both directions. An integral sonde transmits at multiple frequencies, facilitating locating the camera from above ground. Force-sensing rollers prevent damage to the push rod, ensuring maintenance-free operation. SuperVision SAT is available as a complete system, or as an add-on package that works with an existing SuperVision system. 973.252.6700,

Exporting your pipeline inspection survey conditions and displaying them on maps with correlated exact footage is now easily accomplished with the GIS module from flexidata. Features include: the ability to import asset details from shape files, personal geodatabases or enterprise geodatabases; import visual layers, including raster files; fill survey header fields by selecting an asset from displayed maps; automatically highlight surveyed pipes to get a visual of completed surveys in an area; numerous import and export options to enable the user to perform an endless variety of analysis and generate reports/lists; build a pipe flow layer to find the upstream manhole quickly; select groups of assets to create survey projects. The module provides a handy toolbar to use inside ESRI Arcmap to allow quick viewing access to pictures and movies files associated with the survey, including lateral surveys. Exported condition layers can also link the condition back to the displayed video for an instant review from ArcMap. 866.299.3150,

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