Sekisui Expands Product Line-Up

Sekisui SPR Americas, LLC has developed equipment for installing spiral-wound pipe inside damaged or deteriorating host pipe without the need for personnel to enter the pipe.

Lining old pipes with spiral-wound pipe is a proven method of trenchless rehabilitation that is used worldwide. Until now in the United States, installing SPR profile spiral-wound pipe has been a man-entry process, limiting its application to pipes large enough to accommodate personnel.

The new SPR installation process has changed that, said Jonathan Vaccaro, business development manager, Sekisui SPR Americas. The new installation method employs a patented process in which a winding machine is positioned at the base of an existing manhole or access point to the host pipe and then spirally winds monolithic panels of PVC into the host pipe to form a continuous, low-weight, watertight liner with high stiffness.

“It is a cost-efficient method for the trenchless rehabilitation of pipe infrastructure in diameters ranging from 18 to 42 inches,” said Vaccaro. “It offers many advantages over other rehabilitation methods with minimal impact on the environment.”

Three product lines
There are three Sekisui spiral wound pipe product lines: SPR, SPR PE and SPR EX:

  • SPR is a spiral wound trenchless pipeline renewal process designed for rehabilitation of circular and non-circular pipelines ranging from 18-144 inches and larger. SPR utilizes a steel-reinforced, monolithic, interlocking PVC profile strip that is grouted in place with a manufacturer’s specified cementitious grout. SPR has the capability to negotiate bends and rehabilitate odd shaped pipelines because of the adaptability of the profile;
  • SPR PE is a steel-embedded, reinforced HDPE spiral pipe liner with a smooth internal surface. The liner is introduced at a fixed diameter and then the annular space is grouted. It is designed for use in pipes from 36 to 120 inches in diameter. The plastic profile that forms the liner is reinforced with steel that is fully encapsulated within the HDPE material. SPE PE is only introduced back in to the host pipe as a circular pipe. It can be wound into odd shapes as long as a circular pipe can be installed;
  • SPR EX can rehabilitate pipelines ranging from six to 30 inches. A range of standard PVC profiles is available. The appropriate profile is selected to provide a liner with sufficient stiffness to meet individual project design requirements. SPR EX is spirally wound into the host pipe at a fixed diameter. When the liner reaches the opposite manhole, it is fixed in place, and then expanded tight against the host pipe. SPR EX is unique because grouting is not required.

“All Sekisui SPR products can be installed without the requirement for chemicals that are potentially harmful to the environment,” Vaccaro said. “The grout we use is a cementitious grout. All three technologies are truly trenchless, and only require a manhole as an access point. They can be installed with minimal flow in the pipe, in some cases avoiding costly bypassing. All three processes offer a 100-percent structural design for the owner.”

Sekisui Chemical Co., LTD. Osaka, Japan, is the parent company of Sekisui SPR Americas.

Vaccaro said SPR EX and SPR PE were previously known in North America as Rib Loc Expanda and Ribline. Sekisui Chemical Co. LTD. purchased the Rib Loc company and products and markets them in North America under the name Sekisui SPR EX and SPR PE. Along with SPR, the three products have been used in the U.S. for gravity sewer and storm water pipelines.

“Adding the static SPR process rounds out the complete line of rehabilitation methods for Sekisui SPR Americas which markets them directly to contractors and system owners,” said Vaccaro. “The static SPR winding machines are available now, and several projects already have been completed with them.

“By using our experienced advisors and working with local Sekisui SPR Americas’ certified installation contractors, we can assist pipe owners and engineers with individual project requirements.”

Sekisui SPR Americas, (866)-62-SSPRA, www.sekisui

Demonstration Tour

Sekisui SPR Americas LLC is currently traveling the US completing demonstrations for municipalities, consultants, and utility owners. The trailer has been equipped with everything needed to complete a winding demonstration directly out of the trailer. Please contact Jonathan Vaccaro at 866-62-SSPRA to set up a demonstration.

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