INGAA responds to San Bruno fire disaster

A subdivision in the city of San Bruno, CA, was engulfed in flames when a natural gas pipeline exploded on Sept. 9. Pacific Gas & Electric Co., which owns the pipeline, and federal investigators are probing the pipeline blast that killed at least four people and damaged 58 homes in the hilly neighborhood. Three people remain missing at the time of this report.

There were no reported gas leaks before the explosion, and currently no cause of the explosion has been announced.

In response to the tragic events that occurred in San Bruno, Donald F. Santa, president of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) issued a statement expressing condolences to those who lost family members and friends in the tragedy. He added assurances that “while PG&E is not an INGAA member, nor was the San Bruno pipeline an interstate pipeline, the tragic events in California underscore the need for and importance of continued high levels of safety practices across the entire natural gas pipeline industry.”

He reiterates the association’s commitment to safety and a need to have all the facts about what caused the accident so any lessons learned from the San Bruno accident and the investigation can be used for future awareness.

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