Equipment Spotlight: Compact Track Loaders

Compact track loaders from John Deere, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Ditch Witch, Bobcat, Kubota Tractor Corp., Case and New Holland.

John Deere
The new 319D, 323D, 329D and a 90-hp 333D join the recently introduced small-frame, radial lift CT315. Overall, D-Series cabs feature 24 percent more room than their predecessors and six more inches of headroom. They are also 50 percent quieter, positively pressurized and easier to get in and out of, due to a larger door opening. CTLs have electronically controlled Tier 3/interim Tier 4 engines coupled with a new auto idle feature, providing quieter operation and fuel savings. The EH (electro hydraulic) Performance Package includes switchable controls from the ISO to H pattern, the creeper mode in which the operator can set wheel or track speed in 10 percent increments of the unit’s top speed, and boom and bucket metering, with three different speed settings: Precision/economy (slow), Utility (medium) and Production (fast). 800.503.3373,


Komatsu’s CK 30 Compact Track Loader is equipped with: two-speed travel; pilot proportional joystick controls; two-way auxiliary hydraulics; bucket self leveling system; and automatic power control that allows maximum utilization of engine power without stalling. The CK30 is equipped with a three flange front idler that guides the track over the front of the undercarriage and maintains contact with both track guides. This unique design enhances the ability of the undercarriage to retain the track even when working on slopes. Rubber track are easily adjusted, sprockets are reversible and all undercarriage components are lifetime sealed and lubricated. 866.513.5778,

The 289C Compact Track Loader’s fully suspended, steel embedded rubber track undercarriage provides a smooth ride, better load retention and greater productivity. Spacious, sealed and pressurized cab, low ground pressure, highly durable components and excellent drawbar performance help operator’s get more done and increase the bottom line. The undercarriage employs four independent torsion axles for a better ride and excellent bucket load retention. The 289C features a two-speed drive system with a maximum speed of 8.5 miles per hour. The electro-hydraulic joystick control of the drive motor delivers straight-line tracking and electronic torque management. Caterpillar exclusive drive motor seal guards extend the lives of seals and final drives. The 289C has rated operating capacities of 3,850 pounds, at 50 percent of tipping load. Net-horsepower rating is 82. Lift-arm-path design is vertical for the 289C. 309.675.1000,

Ditch Witch

The 2WD, 23-hp R230 is now available with heavy-duty tracks for exceptional traction especially when pulling a vibratory plow or other Zahn front ends that require extra drawbar pull. High flotation helps minimize surface damage to turf, so you can work confidently on and around sensitive landscapes and established lawns. Tracks enable the Zahn to travel across trenches, a great advantage when installing irrigation systems. Tracks “walk” or oscillate 12 degrees, which helps provide greater stability when loading, unloading, and maneuvering over curbs or other rough and uneven terrain. The R230 model is adaptable to all types of soil and weather conditions. Tracks do not increase the width of the machine, so it still fits comfortably through a standard 36-inch yard gate. 800.654.6481,


The T870 is the largest compact track loader Bobcat has ever manufactured boasting 12,678-pounds and a ROC of 3,325 pounds. The highest lift height of 144 inches will be appreciated by those who load over tandem axle trucks with side boards added, hay wagons, and mortar mixers, as well as those stacking brick, blocks or other palletized material. On the T870, the standard auxiliary hydraulic flow is 23.8 gallons per minute, with an optional high flow of 37.4 gallons per minute. New job-enhancing features were added to the optional Deluxe Instrumentation Panel. Available only on M-Series machines, the panel intelligently monitors key loader functions, and the keyless start helps prevent theft. The new five-inch, full-color LCD screen offers better readability and interaction. Easy-to-read virtual sweep gauges allow the operator to quickly read and understand the machine’s performance. 866.823.7898,

Kubota Tractor Corp.

Efficient Kubota engines power the new 75-hp SVL75 and the 90-hp SVL90 compact track loaders. These new models are all-Kubota designed, engineered and manufactured. The 74.3-gross hp SVL75 boasts a 6,204-pound bucket breakout force and a 4,881-pound lifting capacity. The 90-gross hp SVL90 has a bucket breakout force of 7,961 pounds and a lifting capacity of 5,869 pounds. Both models are powered by a four-cylinder, direct injection, turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine. Kubota’s versatile compact track loaders are equipped with a rigid-mount undercarriage and a vertical lift designed for long reach and maximum lifting and dumping capabilities. A variety of performance-matched attachments are available for the SVL75 and SVL90, including several bucket options with teeth or straight edges, 4-in-1 buckets, pallet forks and more. A wide cab entrance and a spacious, comfortable operator area are standard. The roomy operator area features a high-back, fully adjustable suspension seat and ample leg room. A hand-and-foot throttle ensures exceptional convenience. Both models are equipped with two-speed travel and high ground clearance for optimal travel performance on rough construction site terrain. The overall design is built to ensure stability and comfort in uneven terrain. 888.458.2682,


The Case 400 Series 3 line of compact track loaders feature clean-burning proven Case engines, with increased horsepower for all four models. Pilot controls are standard for all four Case Series 3 machines, the 420CT, 440CT, 445CT and 450CT. The 420CT and 445CT Series 3 models feature Case 3.2-liter turbocharged engines, while the 440CT and 450CT Series 3 models are powered by a 4.5-liter turbocharged Case engine. Case pilot controls, which are standard for the four Case compact track loaders, are available from the factory in either “H” or ISO patterns. With the H pattern, the operator uses the left-hand control to operate the left drive motor as well as to raise and lower the loader arms. The right-hand controller is used to operate the right drive motor and the bucket curl and dump. With the ISO pattern, the drive functions are in the left controller, and the loader arm/bucket functions are in the right controller. This allows for one-handed operation and is prevalent on non-Case machines. Case compact track loaders incorporate a dozer-style undercarriage with fewer moving parts. An angled track frame and material scrapers decrease mud and material buildup. Steel-embedded tracks roll on rubber instead of steel for a longer-lasting track and a smoother ride. 262.636.6011,

New Holland
The New Holland C190 compact track loader combines the best performance advantages into one machine – the superior reach and lift capacity of the exclusive Super Boom lift arm design along with the superior flotation, traction and stability of tracks. The C190 is available with two track options – a 15.7-inch track for excellent flotation and additional traction and a 17.7-inch track for maximum flotation on sensitive turf. The vertical lift Super Boom design provides more forward reach than radial lift designs, which allows the C190 to load material into the center of a truck. This allows the operator to more effectively fill high-sided trucks and hoppers. The C190 features a turbocharged engine rated at 90 gross hp, a bucket breakout force of 7,670 pounds and an operating weight of 9,820 pounds. 888.365.6423,

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