Leica Geosystems PowerDigger Lite

The Leica PowerDigger Lite is a new entry-level single-slope guidance system for all types of mini excavators and backhoes.

It increases machine productivity by eliminating stakes over-excavations. With PowerDigger Lite you have the flexibility to work from different references including the existing surface, hub, stringline or laser reference and you can offset your reference surface. The PowerDigger Lite is 100 percent waterproof, so no special sensors or cables are needed for underwater use. PowerDigger Lite also removes the need for grade checking increasing safety on busy construction sites. Additionally, when working under bridges and power lines or inside buildings, the operator can preset a maximum working height or depth and be warned when the excavator arm or bucket reaches the critical height. An EZiDIG cable detection sensor can be interfaced directly to the PowerDigger CAN connection. The operator will be alerted of buried services while digging by an audio alarm and a multi-level bar on the PowerDigger Lite display. 877.534.2262, www.leica-geosystems.us/machinecontrol

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