Software Designed For Distribution Contractors

McCormick Systems has designed software to serve contractors who work on the national, regional and local transmission and distribution power grid.

While a construction project for a typical EC consists of buying and installing lighting, switchgear, wire and cable, and everything from UPS units to wire nuts, underground contractors have completely different concerns.

“We’ve listened to these contractors,” President Todd McCormick noted. “Now, they estimate using spreadsheets or estimate by hand. Systems created to serve ECs doing product installation inside buildings will not work for them. So we had to create something new.”

Spade work on the new software focused on extensive development of a specialized program for underground and power line contractors who can do faster, more productive estimating.

“Underground contractors use a lot of equipment. Sometimes they rent, sometimes they lease them, sometimes they own. That information has to be in our program, and it is.” 800.444.4890,

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