Victory for Radiodetection at the 3rd Annual ORCGA Locate Rodeo

Organized by the Ontario Regional Common Gound Alliance (ORCGA), this year’s Locate Rodeo in Ontario, Canada on June 25 was open to locate technicians throughout Ontario. Up to 40 technicians were invited to display their skills locating in once category, either gas, power, telecom and water categories. Technicians using Radiodetection locators swept the board in gas and water and took first and second place in telecom and second and third in the power divisions.

All registrants had the opportunity to participate in the Locate from Hell. Competitors had only three minutes to complete the locate using sponsored rodeo equipment. They were judged on accuracy and time. Technicians using the Radiodetection RD7000PL swept the board in the event. 877.247.3797,

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